Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I hadn't planned a Halloween costume for Edie yet. With all the dress-up clothes she got for her birthday, I figured it would be a game day decision between skeleton (from last year - it still fits), mermaid, snow white and maybe Tinkerbell (she has the makings to pull any of these off).

Yesterday I learned at daycare that Jen was planning a "Halloween Day" today for the kids. I'm assuming because most of her kids are part time and Wednesday was her best chance to catch as many of the kids on the same day. Jen wrote me an email last night to confirm. Part of her email said, "I thought it would be great for the kids to dress up and as Edie would say "have some spooky activities". "

For some reason it really cracked me and Jeff up that Edie apparently likes to "have some spooky activities". Where did she get that phrase? These days she says all sorts of stuff that cracks us up though. She was pretending to make us pie tonight and when I asked for a milkshake to go with mine, she said, "YES, yes" in a tone that implied, 'why didn't *I* think of that??' then brought me an invisible shake. I took a "sip" and asked her what flavor it was. She thought for a second and then looked kind of sneaky and replied, "Salt".

ANYWAYS!!! My point is to say that this morning at 8am (drop off is at 8:30-8:45 and it's 10 minutes away) I asked Edie "What do you want to be for Halloween Day at Jen's house today?" And she immediately replied with, "PIRATE!!" After a quick "oh shit" moment on my part, I improvised. I pulled an old pair of too small black leggings out and shredded the bottom, pulled her red socks up to her knees, put a blouse on over her skeleton shirt, added her only non-pink cardigan for warmth, tied a weird sash from one of my H&M work shirts around her waist, and added a random necklace for "treasure". Basically I relied heavily on the legit pirate hat we already had in the dress up box. And hoped that she'd sing the pirates of the Caribbean song for extra effect.

But seriously guys, these photos KILL ME. I want to eat her up right now she's so hilarious and squeezable.

I had a brief moment of panic when I dropped her off because one of the other girls was arriving in full princess gear at the same time - what if Edie changed her mind and wanted to be girl-tastic?! But relief, she didn't. She positively rocked the pirate look all day. I only wish I could have talked her into an eye patch (don't think I didn't brainstorm possible methods this morning - I eyed her Baby's headband very carefully, wondering if it would fit around E's head and if I could use double sided tape to fasten a sharpie colored piece of paper to it for the patch).


Tib said...

OK, first of all that look on her face in the first picture - best damn pirate face EVA'!! Second I love Salt, and would love one of her Salt Milkshakes... maybe when I come to Seattle.

Laura said...

These photos made me laugh out loud.....Ross too. Great pirate!!

lindsey said...

Cutest pirate EVER. Well done! She is so darn hilarious and I can't wait to see her again. Also, on a side note, how fab is your front porch looking??!! And, on one more Pirate side note, did I tell you we are taking Marina to Disneyland next month? Fun times.

heidio said...

Dangit! She is cute!
Good improv on the costume. Totally adorbs.

cranky rae said...

Man, that is picture is ka-ute. She is so adorbs.

Betsey said...

Adorable. Seriously - catalog worthy. Like a cover of PB Kids! A job well done, Jill!