Thursday, September 29, 2011


Jeff and I have three computers in our household. One laptop for each adult plus Jeff's beast of a giant Mac upstairs. That thing is big enough to qualify as a roommate. And it certainly makes enough noise. About once every other day it goes all menopause on us and overheats to the point that vacuum-like noises start coming from the office and it has to be given the Mac equivalent of Control Alt Delete to be put out of its misery. Not to mention the delays. Using that computer sometimes feels like being stuck in traffic. Or talking Edie into going upstairs to have her diaper changed. Slow. Frustrating.

My point in all this is to tell you that this computer houses all of our photos. And while we have an exterior hard drive where they are also stored, I don't know how (or if) I can plug it into my laptop and access what I need. I spent about 40 minutes this evening trying to upload some adorable photos of our day trip to Des Moines (I know what you're thinking - adorable and DesMoines don't belong in the same sentence, but I will surprise you! I promise) from a few weeks back. So you're stuck with text.


I've been coordinating a friend's wedding this last month - helping pull last minute details together, preparing rain plans and timelines, things like that. It's the first time a friend has paid me to coordinate an event and I must say that being able to write off a wedding weekend is a pretty sweet deal. We're headed to the coast tomorrow night where we will rent a tiny cottage in the tiny town where the wedding will be. Should be fun - a small wedding catered by the Skillet airstream trailer, lots of little girls under the age of 3 for Edie to dance with and a timeline built for people with toddlers. Rain is predicted, but my packing list includes rain boots for all. And if we get wet, I'm having dreamy visions of hiking back to our cottage and taking hot showers (have I talked about how much Edie LOVES showers?), snugging up in new dry clothes and eating grilled cheese and tomato soup.

We will return on Sunday night with lots of photos that I probably won't be able to upload.

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