Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wanderlust: Guatemala

I've been ITCHING lately for an exotic trip. Ideally, I picture Edie there just enough to have a taste of culture, a quick snuggle, and maybe a day to play on a beach somewhere as a family. But then someone else magically cares for her the remainder of the time so that Jeff and I can pretend that we are footloose and fancy free. Free to make friends with tiny Guatemalan men, hold hands and reflect together on our day.
But for reals. Remember that time we went to Guatemala? I'm ready for another round. So, since that's not happening, let's instead look back at how exotic life used to be. Humor me and please look at my photos from 2008.

I've spared you the photo of me pretending to ride this tiny horse in the dark after having had a few drinks one night. Or maybe it was this horse (plus cart)? Let's be honest - it was probably both.

Gah! I'm so ready to eat somewhere magical like this again! Or at least travel to a place where every meal includes a serving of guacamole approximately the same size as your entree.
Or where the view from our room looks like this at sunrise:
And go to a crazy country where apparently no one ever gets sued for anything because they let you climb perilously high and rickety staircases and then hang out on top of a ruin with no guardrails whatsoever despite being higher than the tallest trees in the entire world.

Oh and monkeys as big as my 2 year old daughter roam loose.

And the only other tourists are smoking a joint while enjoying the view because apparently the "parks employees" that aimlessly wander the park with giant machetes could care less. That's us. Not the doobie smoking tourists. And this was our view:

Oh, and when we go on this fantastic vacation, I would also like to magically reverse the aging process by 3.5 years and 1 baby. Because look at me all 29 and fresh out of the shower looking all young and dewy with no wrinkles or bags under the eyes.

Stay tuned for Belize photos where I reminisce about drinking tropical (adult) beverages, being skinny, swimming with manatees, and hammocks.


sandralbruton said...

Hang in there. Manzanillo is not too far in the future. And babysitters and adult beverages will be free and plenty. xo

lindsey said...

Oh my god you make me laugh. I love these pics and I completely understand what you're saying. Pero, I must say that you look fabulous and skinny right now today so quit complaining. :)