Monday, October 24, 2011

Wanderlust: Belize

Seriously. This was the dock where we waited each night for the water taxi to take us to town for dinner. We would mix drinks, and drink them on the dock while waiting. EVERY NIGHT.
I'm fairly certain that we have not both simultaneously looked this relaxed since this
photo was taken.and then we took a "chartered" boat captained by a dude who's name I think was Steve? And he took us to exotic reefs that were so much cooler than anything I'd seen before. "Steve" had a large chunk out of his leg in the same shape as a shark's mouth, so when he told us it was perfectly safe to swim with these sharks, I politely watched from inside the boat. I mean, I like exotic, but I'm not an IDIOT.But I can't judge Steve too harshly because he fulfilled my lifelong goal of swimming with a manatee and it was so much more amazing than this photo of me drunkenly holding "fins" with a cement manatee.
But maybe my favorite thing about Belize were the amazingly fast boat rides in the pitch black. Each night we would usually take the last boat back to our hotel from town - I think at midnight? Despite Jeff extolling the dangers of the driver's speed, I couldn't bring myself to be nervous. It was the most bizarre sensation - it was about 90 degrees but when we were zooming through the shallow tropical water it felt about 78 (one of all my all time favorite temperatures). And the insanity of speeding full throttle with no vision 10 feet in front of you was like getting the exhilaration of Space Mountain but without all the nauseating twists and turns. I remember on our last night closing my eyes and memorizing the sensation so that I could keep it with me when we got home. Then I made our friends take a picture (with the flash) so I could have it documented.
If ever I should forget why I love Jeff, I think this picture would help me remember.
I'll never need reminding that I love rum based cocktails, but that doesn't mean I don't want a picture of me enjoying one.

Tadaaaa! When I tried to wear this bikini this summer it gave me 4 boobs.


lindsey said...

That 4 boobs statement has me laughing out loud in my empty living room.

Anonymous said...

You need to write a book.

Erin said...

Argh, I'm dying to go to Belize! (Or on vacation, period.) This is not helping!