Friday, October 21, 2011


Belated photos from the wedding we attended in Seabrook on the first of the month.

playing on the beach with Dad while I helped get things set up for the wedding.
walking to the ceremony from our cottage.
I hesitated as to whether to include this moment - It makes me feel like a shitty parent every time I see it, but at the same time it was a big part of our weekend. This was taken moments before things went wrong. We weren't sure how serious it was at first so Jeff took Edie back to the cottage to see if he could cheer her up while I stayed for the (short) ceremony.
Following it with this picture of her having a popsicle at the hospital after "the doctor fixed it!" makes me feel slightly better.

The wedding and our triumphant arrival at the reception. Note that some photos were pilfered from Facebook since I was too stressed out during the ceremony to take my own pictures. I'd like to rearrange these photos, but Blogger is my enemy and won't let me right now. So instead I offer you a random assortment of photos from the wedding and weekend.

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lindsey said...

That looks like an incredibly fun wedding! And I love all the beach pics, especially the family shot and Edie in her rain coat and boats. Insanely cute.