Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wants

Spring is finally here! At least this week. It may take a leave of absence next week (or even tomorrow) but for now we are spending as much time outside as humanly possible. Edie is dominating the city playgrounds and I am having tiny heart attacks as she climbs tall things and slides down slides all by herself. Which reminds me that I keep meaning to write a post about the awkward public parenting that goes on at playgrounds. Note to self - write this post!

Anyways, I mowed the lawn today while Edie napped (which she is still doing) and I don't know if it's all the sunshine, but suddenly my things are looking shabbier than ever. Spring is giving me a bad case of "The Wants". My formerly black yoga pants are faded and dingy, my gardening gloves are crusty and gross, my pruning sheers are rusty (pretty sure this is Edie's fault), my gardening shoes are cracked and leaky. And those are just the things I noticed outside while mowing the lawn! Inside, my sheets are looking yellowed and old, all my clothes seem to be riddled with stains I didn't see during the dark winter months, my robe needs the use of an entire stain stick, and my bath towels are down right depressing (will I never stop paying the price for experimenting with Proactiv 5 years ago!?). I want cheerful stripey towels like Soule Mama (thanks for nothing Amy for turning me onto this blog! Now I want to go antiquing as well as buy new towels.), a new plush throw to nap under, comfy but flattering tops to wear with new pants that end just at my ankles and donned with brand new ballet flats in bright colors. Greedy greedy GREEDY!!!

Please make me feel better - is there something you're coveting right now? What is it?


Frank and Sarah said...

A dishwasher. Hannah and I have taken to watching HGTV in the morning for an hour or so every day and I see all these kitchen makeovers that look fabulous! It makes my purple and grey laminate countertops, cheap oak cabinets, and stained white sink look AWFUL. My goal while Frank is gone is to tear out one set of our cabinets and install a dishwasher.

Betsey said...

Rain boots for Emmi and myself. Springy clothes - fun skirts and shoes, thin cotton tops with fun prints, just right capris, and a new drawer of bras and undies. Oh, and new towels and sheets - so many bleach spots here too! And a jogging stroller.

cranky rae said...


Amanda Buchan said...

I just really want our house to be restained. It's the same thing where it looks fine in the rain but then when it gets sunny all the fading and cracks come through.