Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've trained Edie to say Hollywood. It comes out more like "hywoo" but whatevs. We leave for LA tomorrow! Preparations are in full swing - we are on our 3rd load of laundry, lists are being checked, travel activities assembled and ... this is a little embarrassing... but I *just* learned how to install Edie's car seat. Since I'm flying solo, we are checking the car seat and I will be installing it in Katherine's car upon arrival. We decided to take this time to flip Edie to forward facing. With all the traffic in LA, I just know she'll have more patience for car trips if not facing the blank wall of the backseat (or being blinded by the sun, something we (oddly) experienced in Seattle today - Edie whined and said "sunny!" in a most cranky tone). Edie's outfit for the plane is strategically being planned to maximize cuteness so that any terrible behavior will perhaps be overlooked in favor of her adorable piggies and sparkly silver kicks.

Wish me luck on our first airborne adventure tomorrow!


Wendy said...

What an adventure for you and Edie!! Have a wonderful and safe trip!


sandralbruton said...

You'll probably be pushing the agents away wanting to sign that child of yours up for a new family series!!! Have a ball!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Look forward to trip photos! Love, Grama B

Mandy Buchan said...

Bring gifts on flights for passengers nearby. Chocolate bars and such. Pass them out prior to breakdown. People can't get mad with gift chocolate on their breath.
Have fun!!!