Sunday, March 13, 2011

California Part 3

The afternoon of our second full day we drove to Long Beach. Edie took her midday nap in the car during the drive and woke up just as we got to the Aquarium. I wasn't sure how long she'd stay interested, but she LOVED it and we stayed until closing. Much of the displays are outdoors and it was in the mid 70's, so the temperature was perfect for watching Edie explore.

Here she is at the very first display - she launched herself out of her stroller and ran to this window giggling and yelling, "FISHIES!!!"Trying to climb into the seal exhibit.With Aunt Katherine watching the sea lions. I heart this picture.
Touch tanks and giant fish "fountains".

We stayed in Long Beach for dinner and ate with an old friend of ours (Mike) who lives there. While waiting for our table, we wandered the pier, Edie took a spin with Elmo and "Zita" (Rosita - who is seated behind Elmo), and took advantage of a photo booth.


lindsey said...

Love those little striped tights! And love the photo booth pic of the two of you - so sweet. :)

cranky rae said...

Great shots! And those little leg warmers? Stop it.

Speaking of cute striped things, where's your new shirt? I hope it got some air time in CA.

sandralbruton said...

I hope there are more parts coming?! Such good photos...xo

Betsey said...

Seriously loving those socks!