Saturday, March 19, 2011

Talkasaurous Rex

Edie has recently gone from mostly speaking with single words to more and more phrases and sentences. Among others, we now have the following phrases and bossy "sentences":
Take it
Get it
Fix it
Do it (which, hilariously, she directs at herself when doing something difficult.)
Love you
Fancy shoes (her sparkly converse)
Reid's house
Chloe's seat

In general, she's mostly repeating the last two words of everything I say rather than just the very last word like used to be more common. She also has some ridiculously adult words and uses and pronounces them correctly. Like lipstick, email, chocolate, corner, genius (I told her yesterday that I was impressed with her words and she replied matter of factly, "genius"), stomach, forehead, eyeball and dark blue. And I realize I'm bragging at this point, but she really does amaze me. The doctor was even surprised by her verbal skills at our appointment this week and since Edie doesn't have an ounce of shy in her, she also shows them off to strangers all the time. A week or two ago we were at the vet picking up Maurice's food when Edie started a one sided conversation with the assistant there - pointing at her shoes and seriously telling her, "shoes" then at the street and saying "school bus", etc. The assistant said to me, "She's obviously very shy and will probably have a very difficult time making friends."

Well, she just might if she keeps using this line: "See ya, wouldn't want to be ya." See video below for proof:

Hilarious, right? This kid SLAYS ME.


sandralbruton said...

What a HOOT! It's just happening soooo fast for this old grandma!

Betsey said...

Way to go Edie - you little smartie pants! That is awesome!

Anonymous said...

what a corker she is.How could anyone not love her?. She is a heart stealer for sure. Grama O