Tuesday, March 15, 2011

California Part The Last

I miss Los Angeles. And not just because our Seattle neighborhood park is flooded with over a foot of water right now. In four short days Edie and I both became very accustomed to our Cali routine. Wake up to gorgeous sunshine streaming through the windows, have Aunt Katherine bake us something delicious for breakfast, enjoy a poky morning with Kait, receive a midmorning visit from friend and downstairs neighbor Nicole, pal around with Maryanne during the day, and have playdates and dinner with other, new (but fast) friends. Edie still asks about all her friends from LA.

Here are some final photos of us just hanging out and spending time with friends:Nicole reading to Edie before we left.
Hanging out with our friend AC Slater at The Grove (he was filming Extra).
We also miss our friend Sunshine - note the temperature at 11:28am: 84 degrees.
Playdate/dance party with Sammy.
Just because.
Kait and Edie reading Go Dog Go.
Lunch with Mary Anne.
Edie and Monkey Boy, who she still talks about.
Aunt Katherine and Edie at the beach.


lindsey said...

What a great vacation - I'm so happy you had so much fun and sun!

Mary Anne said...

We were obviously involved in a very fun convo and/or staring contest. So much fun!!

sandralbruton said...

Katherine is the best!