Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 Nights

My birthday was on Monday. How uncharacteristic of me not to take out a full page ad! I'm normally a birthday princess with no shame about throwing myself a big party, but this year it felt right to be more low key. I went out to dinner with the girls Monday night and Jeff is taking me to Portland for the ENTIRE WEEKEND, starting tomorrow. WOOT!!! My parents are taking Edie for a 2 night sleepover and we are spending the weekend pretending that we remember how to sleep in. And how to walk around without a stroller. Or diaper bag. Or A KID. Edie will hopefully be a rock star at my parents' house and I will enjoy my first time spending 2 nights in a row without my Bubs snoring in the next room.


lindsey said...

Happy birthday, Jill!! I hope you have a great weekend in Portland. I must recommend that you get yourself the passion fruit filled donut at Voodoo - it is to die for, seriously. Take pictures!

Anonymous said...

right now I am singing "happy birthday to you'.Thank you for all the great pictures.Love ggbee