Friday, November 5, 2010


Cutest word Edie has mastered this week - Baby. She says it perfectly and with such enthusiasm, "BAYBEEE!" She found a baby doll in a consignment shop we visited earlier this week and exclaimed 'baby! baby!" then walked around with it clutched in her arms like a real baby. She's also good at spotting pictures of babies in books. I recently started reading a developmental book about toddlers that features a picture of a pediatrician (the author) holding a baby on the cover. Edie likes to find it in my room every day and show me the baby. She also likes to point at the pediatrician and say "Dada!". She's killing me with cuteness with all her words. Which is a good thing because it outweighs being barfed on in public on Wednesday afternoon.

Least cute word Edie now uses? "no no no no no" which she repeats back to me in a mocking tone when doing something unsafe. It sounds more like "nanana " or "ninini" sometimes, but it's clear what she means.

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Mary Anne said...

Barfed on in public? I think we need that story...