Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poop Snake

Parents of young children likely know - when you use a Diaper Genie the resulting trash bag that comes out of it is super long and skinny. You know, like a snake. It is also filled with poopy diapers. Jeff coined it "The Poop Snake" long ago as a joke and it stuck. He probably wouldn't approve of me writing this post because Jeff doesn't believe in publicly discussing issues involving BMs, but Jeff! It's funny! And also as a PS I would like to note that we do use cloth diapers during much of the day at home, but we missed our garbage pick up last week so we had an extra full garbage can this week.

Jeff - I'm going to take the garbage out to the curb tonight, because it's filled with about 80 pounds of poop snake.
Me: That's your band's name - "80 Pounds of Poop Snake"
Jeff: Lots of people would come to see us.
Jill : Hmmm


Marcia said...

I laughed 'til I cried! xo

Kathleen said...

Priceless. I had to wipe my eyes.