Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It Worked!

Years ago, one of my friends dated a guy that we used all go bowling with (back when Seattle had bowling alleys). Every time he missed a pin he would exclaim, "Nuts!!" We all found this hilarious and endearing.

So, a while ago I had this idea that it would be really funny to have a kid that was trained to say, "nuts!" when they dropped something. You know, rather than the conventional "uh oh". Except it turns out the reason why all the kids say "uh oh" is because it's way easier than "nuts". So I gave up on that. BUT! A few weeks ago I revived my efforts. My thought was that Edie seems to be picking up a lot of words lately and doing more and more mimicking. It was worth a shot, right? Well, just tonight Edie dropped a rock and totally unprompted exclaimed, "NUT!"


Marcia said...

Just think of all the marvelous words you can teach that girl! As someone so aptly said, they are just sponges when they're young, waiting to soak up whatever they're taught (and some things they aren't!)

Betsey said...

I love it!

What I would love is a toddler running around the house with all of Marcia's wonderful sayings. I've already decided that when I need to get Emmi moving fast to get out the door I'm going to exclaim, "Ocha Mocha Emmi!" because I always loved when Marcia said that.