Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally, some photos

We finally uploaded our photos from the last few weeks. There are quite a few, so I think I'll post them in small batches. But first, I urge you to stop everything you are doing and bake these pumpkin chocolate chip bars.
The photo doesn't do them justice, but was taken more to document how many we ate BEFORE dinner last night, approximately 10 minutes after being removed from the oven. They are part brownie, part cake, and completely and totally addictive. Already half the pan is gone and this is only because I have exercised extreme restraint today by not standing at the counter and eating the entire thing straight out of the pan. Recipe here (thanks Alison!):

Edie got her own tiny table and chairs recently. In fact, I sat in these very chairs when I was probably about Edie's age as we inherited them from Steve and Julee Johnson, my childhood (and adulthood) friend Kristin's parents. The Johnson's used to live directly across the street when I was growing up and the Johnson kids were my primary playmates. Edie loves her table and spends at least 7 hours per day standing on the chairs and laughing at me while I say "DOWN. SIT DOWN!" Sigh.
She also spent a week or so obsessed with wearing this hat. But only indoors.
Edie and Jeff went for the rainiest walk in all of history earlier this month. I'm not sure if you can tell from this photo, but they are DRENCHED. They walked for miles and miles in the pouring down rain (and Jeff carries her instead of using the stroller because he's a weirdo). I kept calling Jeff to see if he wanted me to pick them up in the car and he wouldn't answer. Apparently (and despite the look on E's face in this picture) they had a smashing time singing-in-the-rain-style.

My little Mexican wrestler:
If we thought there was a chance in hell she'd wear a face mask, we totally would have dressed her in full wrestler regalia for Halloween.

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