Saturday, November 20, 2010

More photos

I seem to have come down with my first winter cold. Because it is certainly winter around here. We had a brief Christmas shopping excursion downtown tonight and BRRRR. The biting cold was enough to make Edie actually wear a hat. Like, almost the entire outing.

A few more photos from earlier this month:

Like many couples with young kids, Jeff and I each get a sleep-in day on the weekend. This was on one of mine. You can always tell how hard Edie slept by looking at how crazy her hair looks in the morning. I like the side cowlick on this particular morning with Jeff in their pjs.
Edie on a particularly cute day. Playing with her bumble bee finger puppet from Grandma and Grandpa B. She's very proud of being able to correctly say "Bee" now, so she loves this toy.

My mom took this picture on one of her babysitting days with Edie. I'm posting it because it perfectly captures her mania lately - she doesn't go anywhere without her trusty "Baybeee" (seen in left hand), is obsessed with water ("wawa") hence the tiny bottle of water being trotted about. She also apparently asked my Mother to dress her in the tutu, jean leggings, vest and "boops" (boots). The whole combo is cracking me up.
And speaking of being obsessed with water. Edie now begs at the downstairs bathroom door and cries "WAWA!!! Wawah!" All. The. Time. Jeff created a bit of a monster (unknowingly) when he showed her how the faucet worked with her on a stepping stool. We have a bowl of wishing rocks that we've collected over the years and she likes for Jeff to hand her one at a time while she drops them in the sink. We try keeping this to a post-dinner activity, but sometimes it's more often.


sandralbruton said...

She's still wearing Lynn's hat! Would you try and get a photo of her at the sink from the back as she looks so adorable standing on her tippy toes.

cranky rae said...

That overall + hat combo is awesome. SO cute.