Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedding Season

Wedding season is beginning for us. I guess you could say it already began because I hosted a bridal shower at our house on Saturday. I'd been running around all week to get things all ready. I had the perfect vision of little round tables with rented linens, paper lanterns strung from my trees and us drinking Thai iced tea in the back yard. Instead it was 60 degrees and pouring rain. Wah-wa. Everything still went really well though and we were nice and cozy inside (where I still insisted upon hanging the lanterns). I hope to have pictures up soon.

Next on the docket is a wedding this weekend for a former college roommate. The ceremony is early on Saturday, but then the festivities are a ferry ride away that night. Edie has booked herself a night at the Grandparents so that we can stay late and I can do my favorite wedding activity - drink champagne. Boy do I loves me some champagne at a wedding. Pair it with a bad sing along to Madonna or Michael Jackson while dancing with old friends and I'm pretty much in heaven.

The following week my (not so) baby brother is getting married. Woot woot! And then two weeks after that is a weekend wedding extravaganza on Whidbey Island for a very old friend. Hopefully Edie is up for the challenge, because I'm looking forward to all the celebrating.

Speaking of Edie, she woke up a ray of sunshine yesterday and was more than a delight all day. We ran errands, napped well, read book after book (that girl can't get enough of books these days), and then ended the day with a very successful trip to the gym daycare. Have I mentioned that I joined a gym? I did. And it has a really nice daycare for Edie! It's pretty great. Yesterday after I worked out I came to pick her up at the "Kids Club" and found Edie standing over two older girls (sisters I think) about 2 and 4, watching excitedly while they did some sort of sit-up meets dance routine. Also looking on was the fattest baby ever, named ... wait for it ... Andre. Andre was probably about 7 months old with the roundest head and adorable cropped Afro and he was staring raptly at Edie as she toddled around, exclaiming about the older girls and their awesome moves. I feel like it's the perfect way to introduce daycare right now, Edie gets a punch of social time, and I get a workout to boot. It's what Steve Carell might call a win-win-win.

Also? Edie found the paper bag in which I keep all the plastic sacks. Oops.

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