Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stina and Ben's Wedding

I attended my first full Catholic wedding ceremony on Saturday. Jeff had been to one or two growing up, but this was my first. So we churched it up early on Saturday and before leaving Edie with "aunt Heidi" for a fun-filled 2 hours, she snapped a few shots of us.
It was a beautiful sunny day, already 85 degrees by 9:45am, so we decided to take the Vespa to the ceremony. I'm not going to lie - I *loved* scooting in style. It was like we were our very own parade! And while I'm not a fan of watching parades, being in a parade? Don't mind if I do.

After lunching at home post-ceremony, my parents showed up to take Edie back to their house in Bellingham for a slumber party while we packed for our very own sleep over in Poulsbo. Stina and Ben's reception was a casual affair held at Liberty Bay Marina and the invitation specified that a hat was required for all guests - "vintage, nautical inspired, what have you." I essentially took this as an excuse to raid the high school costume closet where Heidi is the drama teacher and force Jeff to dress up.


Kristin said...

Remember when you and I used to pretend we were in a parade? We'd stand on your mom's backseat with our heads poking out the sunroof while she drove 5 mph down the alley.

cranky rae said...

Love these.

MuffinMuffin said...

Amazing! I didn't know that you and Jeff scooted to our wedding! I wish I could have seen that. Thanks for getting up early and I also hope you enjoyed your room at the Clearwater!