Thursday, August 26, 2010


One year ago, this is what I looked like:
A little less than two years ago, I was gallivanting through Guatemala:
I can't help but look at that top picture and feel intense relief over the fact that I am not pregnant right now. Oh how I hated being 9 months pregnant. Remember how badly my hip hurt? How I could barely walk? That sucked. And while it can accurately be said that I have a tendency to wallow in misery when put in a miserable situation, I think it only fair to also point out that when removed from the miserable situation I am immensely grateful. I frequently think to myself now that I am SO thankful to walk without pain, to have a stride that does not resemble a limping elephant, and to see a familiar number on the scale again.

That said, I've been feeling very reminiscent about our Central America trip lately. I think back with such fondness to our adventures. I have these vivid memories of riding the speeding water taxis after dark in Belize, the crazy wind taking some edge off the humidity and heat. The boat would run at top speed through the shallow water with no lights on - it felt like we were catapulting through the sky and I loved it. I knew we were going to start trying for a baby when we got home so I enjoyed everything the way you do when you know it might be the last time you do something. I knew things would change in the following year but I had no idea how quickly. Within a month or two of our return, Wamu had crashed, leaving Jeff's employment a big question mark, our friends that we'd just had such a wonderful trip with were divorcing, and I was pregnant. So when we remember that trip I think we both now see it as an end of an era.

I just spent like 20 minutes looking at our trip pictures from 2 years ago and craving a tropical vacation like nobody's business. I keep thinking about using our airline miles and taking a trip with (or without) Edie somewhere exotic. Or maybe just Hawaii. Or even California might do. Disneyland? Basically I've got the itch.
If you enlarge the photo, I think you can see me sitting on the left side of the dock - waiting for our water taxi.


Go Nicole Yourself said...

Hi Jill! This is Nicole (aka Katherine's downstairs neighbor). I pick California.

PS - Happy Bday to YOU since it's the day of your birthing. Give Edie a squeeze.

Sarah said...

My vote is for Hawaii. We're going with my parents at the end of January. We figure it will be a decent time to travel with Hannah as she'll pretty much just sleep the whole way. That and January is a great time to get out of the grey here and into the sun. Come with!

lindsey said...

Now you and I are channeling one another. I have also been thinking fondly of all the travel adventures Greg and I have been on and I have the travel bug big time. We have some small weekend trips planned in the coming months but the big reward is Hawaii in March. I CANNOT WAIT. I definitely think you should plan a family getaway. San Diego is beautiful this time of year (or any time, really)! :)

Blythe said...

I vote Mexico. We just took Penny to a gourmet-inclusive baby-friendly resort called Azul Beach Hotel on the Riviera Maya! When we showed up, waiting in our room was a crib, stroller, bottle warmer, baby food, baby moniter, everything. They even had amazing nannies that watched Penny while we went snorkling and had dinner alone. I think the best part was letting her nap for hours in the room while we sat by the pool reading with the baby monitor. And the food was awesome. That's my vote.