Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I put my kid to bed tonight REEKING of meatball. She's developed a new habit of eating, then rubbing any food residue into the back of her head. So instead of smelling sweetly of baby, she frequently reeks of Trader Joe's turkey meatball, Pirate's Booty, or, if we're lucky - peaches and blueberries. I'd meant to bathe her before bed, but we had dinner with friends and didn't get home until 8pm at which point Edie was ready to crash. I suppose part of growing as parents is Letting Go. I wouldn't say that letting go has been something I've been particularly good at in the past so actually, letting my kid go to bed still greasy from sunscreen, with blueberry skins under her nails and meatball juice in her hair is something I would consider progress.


Anonymous said...

Stinky hair = no big deal. More dogs will love her this way!

SLG 3 - Jessica Gibson said...

Please post your wedding photos! I want to see your outfits.