Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bridal shower for Jessie

Now that my brother's wedding is over, our finale of the wedding season will be Jessie and Clay's wedding on September 5th. Jessie reading a book she bought Edie:
A few photos from the bridal shower I threw for Jessie a few weeks back. Jessie and Clay were engaged in Thailand so I used that as a quasi-theme. Pictures of them hang from the chandelier. I used bamboo from my backyard with some lilies for flowers:
I'm so good at taking pictures before the guests arrive, but never remember to take any good ones of the actual guests (or the food once it's all displayed). I'm really mad at myself for not getting a nice shot of Jessie at the party.
Parasols that were intended for the backyard (it's raining), peeking into the kitchen where more lanterns (also intended for the backyard) hang over the food.
We had chicken satays with peanut sauce, fresh rolls, lemongrass chicken spring rolls, veggie potstickers, tiny to-go boxes of pad thai with tofu, and tropical fruit. Very little of this is actually pictured because I got too distracted once guests arrived and the party swung into full gear. I also completely forgot to photograph the beautiful chocolate and blueberry cake that Jessie's friend made.
I bought two of these orchids and used them as prizes for the one trivia game we played.
My only photo of the party in full swing. What isn't obvious from these pictures is the fact that Jessie's lovely mother spent almost the entire party holding Edie back from clearing the coffee table of all those champagne glasses (did I mention we had passion fruit juice mimosas? And Thai iced tea?). Edie loves danger like a fat kid loves cake.

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SLG 3 - Jessica Gibson said...

Love it!!! I REALLY love that photo of Edie and I - can I have a copy?

You did a great job on the shower, and thanks for making it the star attraction!

I forgot to tell you - the funniest part about last night was when we put Edie on the swings. She knew she was supposed to say "WEEEEEEE," but it was a super-weak "waaaaah." Nonetheless, she kept looking at me like, "Yeah, I know what's up. I'm saying it."