Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daily Note: April 21, 2009

Today I welcome in week 21. Here is a masterpiece I call "Week 20 in Mediocre Photos":
This first photo I call "GUT". It was taken last night, last day of week 20.

Here is me admiring my first (and only) baby purchase thus far.
It arrived from Etsy late last week:

If you needed more evidence of why Jeff and I are ready to have a baby, I give you this photo of Maurice. We are officially the crazy people who have daily photo shoots with their cat. I suppose it could have been worse, I could have dressed him in the onesie pictured above. We tucked him into the guest bed where I feel he looks a little like the king of the skeksies from The Dark Crystal. All he needs is a crown and a cape. This cat is in for a RUDE awakening when we dismantle this bed to make room for the baby.

On Sunday I baked a cake! I'm proud. Can you tell? Um, I also ate a big piece of it before Jeff had a chance to take a picture. But let's pretend that I did it so that you could see inside to the beautiful butteriness of the yellow cake.

In other week 20 news, I actually saw my stomach move last night! I don't have a photo of this event, but let me tell you - it was cray-zee. It was sunny and warm yesterday for the first time in forever and Jeff and I walked up to The Jones on Roosevelt for burgers on the patio. Afterwards, I was lying on the couch in a clingy cotton sundress and Bernice was doing a hamburger dance of sorts. I happened to look down and I'm not exaggerating - my stomach literally looked like it was suffering minor earthquakes every time I felt the baby move. I was so stunned by this development that I accidentally kept the TV on Rock of Love for like 10 minutes while I stared at my gut.

We also may be honing in on a first name. We're trying on middle names for size.

What else? Well, this is totally not baby related, but I've been meaning to summarize a few recent TV observations for feedback:
1. Why do all the female "newscasters" on E! wear the SHORTEST MINI DRESSES EVER? They are WAY too old to be wearing dresses that short and it literally looks like they might have borrowed their daughters' dresses (because seriously, some of them are easily in their late 30s).
2. Why did no one tell me about The Rachael Zoe Project? I'd never heard of it, but a marathon last weekend proved to be one of the best things that ever happened to my rainy Sunday. Love.
3. Since when did CMT get a new director of programming? I feel that they hired someone new and they were all, "Let's not waste money on new content, let's just alternate reruns of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Nanny 911, and Wife Swap." Because seriously, they play nothing else. And before you judge, remember that CMT is exactly between VH1 and Comedy Central, so I have every right to notice this change in programming.
4. Speaking of VH1, has anyone seen "Tough Love"? I actually really hate VH1 and all those horrible shows they play, but Tough Love? Kind of funny.
5. Every time they play a rerun of that episode of Rob and Big on MTV where Rob's Midwestern family comes to visit and they go to the magic show? I cry with laughter like it's the first time.


Lindsey said...

You look so cute! And I would like a big fat slice of that cake, please.

Anonymous said...

My response to receiving a bib was to immediately snap it on my dogs neck.

Ms. Griffin said...

So much to say...
First: your burgeoning baby bump = cuteness. It makes me happy everytime I see it.
Second: I can't believe you know about the Skeksis and The Dark Crystal, a freakie deakie in disguise you are, Yessss, and hmmmmmm
Third: I am so in to Tough Love as well. One of the girls actually got to leave because she had already found true love. The crazy one who likes to tell every man how many times she has been in Playboy! Anyhoooo....
Fourth: Yeah- what is up with the CMT, I've noticed that too.
and last but not least: You can never go wrong with Rob and Big reruns.