Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daily Note: April 2, 2009

Starting on Tuesday - exactly the first day of Week 18 for me - I started feeling Bart move like crazy. The fluttery movements I'd been feeling the week or two prior were nothing compared to the strength with which I feel his flips and kicks now. I'm not saying they hurt or anything, he's way too small to make that much of an impact. But it feels less like gas and more like popcorn popping lightly inside me, or sometimes the movements feel exactly like the sensation of a large eye twitch, but in my gut. On Tuesday and yesterday, I felt him almost every 15 minutes, all day long (unless I was moving around - but embarrassingly, this isn't very often). I started to think this was just par for the course. I loved feeling it, but at the same time it got a little relentless, like having the hiccups all day. Then today I didn't really feel much of anything all morning. Of course after wishing last night that he would simmer down, today I kept urging him to wake up and say hi. Despite knowing that it was normal this early for me to not feel movement every hour, or even every day, I got a little worried without my "hiccups". Then after my burrito and jelly bean lunch, he finally made an appearance and hasn't left me alone for long since. Now I know to always welcome his appearances and have vowed that as long as he's not breaking a rib, to never resent them.

On a related note - my doctor's office left a message today confirming my ultrasound for Monday morning. I made the appt for 8am, then my regular doctor's visit at 9:15am (they said the ultrasound takes 75 minutes). I even have the little card they gave me with the times written on them by the scheduler in my purse. But the message today is confirming my 7:30am appointment with a 7:15am check in! I just called to contest, but it's after hours so I only got to talk to the OBGyn operator who was nice, but not helpful. I'm sure I'll be laying awake staring wide eyed at the ceiling with nerves and excitement starting at 5:30am anyways, so the 30 minute time difference means little to me, but Jeffrey will not be happy. Oh well. At least he'll have been able to sleep. I'm such a mess at night these days. I don't know why because I'm not ungainly yet or anything, it's just that my hips hurt so bad and I HATE not being allowed to sleep on my back. I literally rotate like a rotisserie chicken all night on my mountain of weirdly arranged pillows, breaking only for bathroom trips.

On an unrelated note - this weather sucks. HARD.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting - so much movement! I've been wondering where Bacon is in the last 24 hours - can't wait until the point when we can feel them non-stop. I miss sleeping on my back too.