Monday, April 13, 2009

Daily Note: April 13, 2009

You know how when you move in with someone you learn all sorts of weird things about them? One thing I learned about Jeff is that in his family, they don't refrigerate the ketchup. Every time I made a veggie burger, I would spend 5 minutes rooting around the fridge looking for the ketchup before remembering that Jeff had probably used it last and put it in the cupboard again. Then Jeff would find the ketchup missing when he went to look for it in the cupboard, only to find it in the door of the fridge. Since moving in together in 2000, a silent 9 year battle has raged that we rarely discuss but are both very aware of.

So on Saturday I was making a tray of tots for us to share as an afternoon snack. He came down when he heard the buzzer go. I pulled the new ketchup bottle out of the cupboard and opened it, squirted a pile of it on the plate and then saw that on the wrapper it said, "Refrigerate after opening" which motivated the following exchange:

Me: Hmm, that's weird. This ketchup bottle says REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING on it. (said in totally sarcastic but light hearted tone)
Jeff: Yeah well, I guess that particular ketchup requires it.
Me: I'm not really sure I see what makes this ketchup so different from all others.
Jeff: (totally deadpan) Well the main difference is that this one requires refrigeration after opening.

The battle continues.


Ms. Griffin said...

gawd I love married life! These kind of exchanges are so fun and always keep the passion alive.

Kristin said...

You can tell Jeff that he has committed the philosophical fallacy we call "begging the question". It's a fatal flaw in an argument. In that particular exchange, you won.
Ketchup Battle:
Jill - 1
Jeff - 0
Not that I'm taking sides or anything!