Monday, February 2, 2009

Daily Note: February 2, 2009

Hey dudes, sorry for the silence. Truth is I have nothing to write about because I've been doing pretty much nothing lately. I suppose that's not entirely true: I went to a high school play that was entertaining (my friend Heidi is the drama teacher/director), I saw Benjamin Button yesterday and liked it (in a Forest Gump sort of way). I went to post some pictures from our Orcas weekend two weeks ago, but when I looked at all the photos last night I decided they weren't really worthy. We mostly just documented our cooking adventures, but the lighting isn't good for our weak little camera to photograph food so it looks like we just made slop piles when really we made very nice food. Unbeknownst to me, Jeff *did* take a few pictures of my emo moment in the sun (described in an earlier post) through the cabin windows, but these were a little embarrassing so I can't post them either. Oh and Jeff made me watch the last quarter of the Super Bowl last night. Seeing as I don’t know anything at all about football, I will repeat my stellar commentary:

Comment #1: “I don’t think that guy has any teeth!!”
Comment #2: “Why does that quarterback look so old? Is he 40?”
Comment #3: “What team is wearing the yellow?”
Comment #4 (which I didn’t voice, but thought): “Um, football uniforms are basically man-capris with knee socks.”

Jeff and I have refocused on our house. This tends to happen in cycles for us. We slave away on a room for a month or two and live in the chaos of plaster dust, holes in the wall and plastic wrapped furniture. Then we finish the room and without needing to discuss, we take an extended break from house work. After finishing the living room this fall and then being distracted with the holidays, I think we are finally getting ready to tackle the biggest project of all – the kitchen. For those of you who know Jeff, you know what this means – we have re-entered the prototype stage. I think I’ve mentioned before how much Jeff loves prototypes. Well, his love affair has resurfaced. Every time I go to the kitchen now the furniture has been rearranged. And last night I was made to assist with taping out a pretend doorway into the living room with painters tape. The big debate of the moment is how to open the space to the living room without totally destroying the historical integrity of the home (and taking away all of our cabinet space). Much sketching is in progress.

Also, my 30th birthday is lurking around the corner. I’ve told Jeff that all I want for my birthday is for the upstairs shower to work again. Most of you aren’t aware of the saga that is the upstairs shower, and this is intentional because the saga is annoying and long. Looking at the shower, you would assume it works. We had the shower installed when we enlarged the bathroom and it’s beautiful -marble subway tiles, seamless glass, and an antique looking shower fixture with exterior plumbing. Definitely the most expensive 10 square feet of our house. But all it does is spew freezing cold water. It’s a long, boring story with many ups and downs, but basically the beautiful shower fixture we ordered online is a piece of shit. So last weekend, Jeff and I visited the plumbing store and picked out a lovely replacement fixture that is not fancy, but still very nice. Most importantly, this fixture comes from a legitimate store and can be returned if it doesn’t work. Then we got a plumbing quote to install our new fixture that left us reeling. I think this means that Jeff’s Dad will be getting an official invite to our house for an upcoming weekend to hopefully assist us with doing the plumbing ourselves. Keep your fingers crossed he accepts.

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