Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daily Note: February 26, 2009

1. Your suggestions for my mixed CD were truly great. Too bad I didn’t have this idea earlier…

2. The shower is still the highlight of my waking ritual. In fact, it’s really the only thing that gets me out of bed anymore. That and a desperate need to urinate, but perhaps that’s an overshare.

3. Imagine my horror when I stepped into my lovely shower this morning, turned my back on the shower fixture to let the water cascade down my back and looked out the window to see 2 inches of SNOW all over my neighborhood trees. What the eff Snow – no one invited you! Totally unacceptable. Of course it’s already melted, but seriously, what did it think it was doing showing up 3 days before March? Particularly when it already came for a visit and totally outstayed it’s welcome in December.

4. For the first time in this pregnancy, I caved and am wearing my fat pants today. Much to my surprise, I have not expanded much at all yet, but my jeans are tres uncomfortable when in a seated position (and sitting is pretty much what I do all day). I think my uncomfortable jeans may have more to do with the fact that they were a little on the tight side BEFORE I got pregnant, but I much prefer to blame the pregnancy. The other night Jeff and I were watching TV together and the following exchange occurred:

Me: (in a horizontal position on the couch with my shirt lifted, scrutinizing my stomach) Do you really think there’s a baby in there? I wish I’d start showing already.
Jeff: (snorts in a mocking manner)
Me: WHAT?!
eff: Next week you’ll be complaining about how fat you are.
Me: Hmm. Yeah, probably.

5. Here’s another convo, this one from last night. The background information necessary to find this entertaining is that I like things clean. Jeff is messy and in particular, rarely picks up after himself in the kitchen. He is also notorious for neglecting his duty of taking out the garbage.

Jeff: (pointing at the remnants of an orange peel all over the counter) Do you want to tell me what’s going on with all these orange peels? (Said in rather taunting manner b/c he knows damn well they’re my orange peels and this is exactly the tone in which I would ask him this question if roles were reversed).
Me: (calmly) Well, the garbage is overflowing, so I couldn’t throw them away.
Jeff: NUTS!!!!! How does it always end up being my fault?! (He grabs the garbage can to take it out and due to its overflowing state, many gross things topple out onto the floor) BAAAHHH!!
Me: (laughing uncontrollably)


Lindsey said...

I love it when you share this J & J exchanges. It's like I am right there with you, watching the overflow garbage topple to the floor.

My jeans feel like they are trying to kill me. I can no longer zip/button them up, and have resorted to the good old rubber band trick to keep them together. I swear to God I can feel my stomach/uterus stretching and it is bizarre. I am getting fat.

Lindsey said...

FYI, not to be pushy, but I work for a stroller company and can totally hook you up with a discount if you are interested. Baby Culver could do far worse. I'm just saying.

T. Griffin said...

why weren't the orange peels going into the yard waste?