Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daily Note: January 28, 2009

So ever since we hooked up our new, flat screen TV we started getting a new channel. Channel seven point two. Now when I’m flipping channels and going from 7 to 8, it stops in between at channel 7.2. The particularly weird thing about this channel is that I think it is coming to us from the past. Because channel 7.2 ONLY plays The A-Team. Like ALL the time. Yesterday I thought maybe it was playing something different because it was some guy in a polo shirt that looked relatively current so I paused before advancing to channel 8. But then all of a sudden, Mr. T busted the door open and ran into the room to attack the guy wearing the polo shirt.


T. Griffin said...

I pity the foo' who doesn't keep it tuned to 7.2 and the A-Team. We can't be friends anymore.

Mandy Buchan said...

That is WEIRD.