Monday, February 23, 2009

Daily Note: February 23, 2009

Those of you who visit this site regularly may remember the saga of our upstairs shower. This saga has had many downs and a few (false) ups. But yesterday we experienced a big up. Jeff's Dad came down to Seattle for the day and together, he and Jeff fixed the current shower fixture! No holes in the wall were created. No new fixtures were needed. No studs were shifted. No tile was ripped out. This was truly amazing. I thought that if we were very lucky, the day would end in massive destruction and MAYBE a fixed shower. Instead, by the time we sat down to our bagel and chips lunch, the problem was solved, no muss no fuss. This morning I took what I believe will the first of many hot showers in our lovely bathroom. The tile work is so clean and not ugly ceramic with stencils (sorry downstairs shower - but everyone agrees that those stencils are really ugly), the shower pan is so mildew-free and shiny, the shaving step that I had custom installed in the corner is so adorable, the glass is so fancy and clear with the door that reminds me of a swanky hotel, and with the glass window on one side, I am just tall enough to see out to the tree tops of our backyard while the rain head shower fixture gently sprinkles my head with the perfect amount of water pressure.

I must say though, that after all the drama surrounding this issue, I post this love letter to my shower with some hesitancy. I feel that at any moment, it could betray me again. It's like I've fallen in love with a man much too beautiful for me and am plagued with the insecurity that it could leave me at any moment. Pictures of homely me (fully clothed) and my handsome shower to come very soon.

UPDATE: to give Jeff and his Dad the props that they really deserve, I must also mention their full list of accomplishments yesterday. They replaced the battery in our truck so that it runs again, they fixed the door to our bathroom so that it closes -and opens- with ease (in fact I accidentally slammed it really hard this morning because I'm used to having to throw my whole body against it to shut it), assessed our water heater and decided it needs replacing, and they fixed our electrical panel which had been shorting for no reason in the downstairs bathroom. All of this for the price of bagels and cream cheese.

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If I fly Jeff and his dad down to San Diego, can I get them to finish siding my house?