Thursday, February 5, 2009

Daily Note: February 5, 2009

Yesterday I made a bet with a coworker regarding Lost. For those of you who aren't big dorks and don't watch Lost, this might not interest you. But I was convinced Jin wasn't dead (despite supposedly blowing up on the season finale last year) and would resurface at some point during this season. My coworker insisted that he was dead. We bet $5 on it, summoned a witness and shook on the deal. I assumed I'd have to wait weeks before this bet was resolved but Jin came back last night! I immediately did a victory lap and sent a smug text msg telling him that he could be late tomorrow if he needed to swing by the ATM on his way in (I'm also his boss).

Side note - another coworker is pregnant and yesterday had her 17 week ultrasound. Before she returned to work I declared that it was a girl. The same coworker who owes me $5 today insisted that it was a boy. I think we all know how this one ends. She's totally having a girl.

My only disappointment is that I didn't buy a lottery ticket yesterday.

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