Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Note: February 19, 2009

Last night we celebrated Amy's birthday with dinner at Pair. For those of you unfamiliar with Pair, you must go. Immediately. It's a favorite in our circle and it truly is some of the best food in Seattle. It's sort of French/American small plates and it's located in the University Village area near Wedgewood. I personally wasn't up for eating much and played the role of the waif sipping her 7up, but as a table we shared -

Arugula Salad
Cambozola fondue with apples, pears and bread
Crab cakes
Roast chicken with the crispiest, tastiest skin ever
Beef brisket
Cassoulet with duck breast and sausage
Brussels sprouts with bacon
Mac and cheese (seriously the best ever)
Banana bread pudding with caramel
Creme brulee
Coffee chocolate pot de creme

Be prepared to drop a pretty penny if you're there with a group, but it's WORTH IT.

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