Sunday, September 7, 2014


So, I have about 30 half-finished posts that I can't seem to complete. Sorry.

As you know, in mid-August, we spent a week on Orcas. What you may not know is that after our time on Orcas, we attended Jeff's 20 year high school reunion, tried desperately to catch up on work for the week following and then dove deep into birthday madness for Edie's 5th birthday. She had a party with her friends in Seattle the weekend before her actual birthday, wrapped up summer "camp" at her preschool the following week,  which then closed for in-service and a 5-day holiday over Labor Day weekend, which contained Edie's actual birthday and a family party in Bellingham, and ended with her first day of school in the "P5's" class on Wednesday of last week. Which brings us neatly into September.

I cannot believe it's September.

Here are the posts that I promise will come soon:
1. A post or two with all of our Orcas photos from our time there in August.
2. A post about Jeff's high school reunion and what a surprisingly fabulous (and random) weekend we had.
3. Birthday party photos and thoughts on being a parent to a FIVE YEAR OLD and how wonderful and amazing 5 is so far.
4. A post about starting school and why we decided to wait for Kindergarten (or maybe possibly skip it entirely?)
5. A super braggy and excited post about the fact that JEFF AND I ARE LEAVING IN 5 DAYS FOR A ROMANTIC TRIP TO MAUI.


heidio said...

yes, finally.

Katherine LeBlond said...

I don't think that you've checked all of these posts off yet....