Wednesday, September 17, 2014

5 years old

Edie turned 5 on August 30th. We had a low key day with just the three of us, with the knowledge that we'd be driving to Bellingham on Monday (Labor Day) to celebrate with our families. We had popcorn in our comfys and watched Frozen (which we finally relented and bought on iMovies for her birthday):
I surprised her with hair chalk and we dyed her hair purple for the afternoon. She's been begging for purple hair for MONTHS.


Then we made a trek to the Space Needle and went up to the top:

We let her choose dinner and she selected Vios, my personal fave as I think it's the best Greek in Seattle. Plus it's inside a book store! Two of my all time favorite things. They have tons of kids books and a play area in the restaurant:
They also have a little gelato stand that Edie loves.

She got to pick a book out before we left:


lindsey. said...

I love so much about this post that my mind is racing to write them all down. Love Edie's purple hair. It looks amazing and natural on her and I say she keeps it. Edie is such an interesting child. I love her expressions - so solemn and intense, as though she knows everything about that whom she is looking at. I love the pics of her & Jeff at the restaurant because it's just so clear on his face that she's his star. I think that's it but I love the whole day and think you completely rocked her 5th bday. Love you guys!

Kristin said...

I love the purple hair! You should let her keep it, it looks awesome.

sandralbruton said...

Not a purple hair fan but then I'm an old lady. However, I love that she's wearing a dress from Lillian!