Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Orcas Vacation - part 1

Some photos from our week and a half on Orcas in August, beginning with our foggy ferry wait:

Followed by a foggy ferry ride:

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a new addition to the island - this rad grey cat that we decided was named Turkey (after a similar looking cat from Orcas about 10 years ago):

Turkey was pretty much obsessed with pets from Edie:

Feeding him yogurt:
Following us down to the beach:
Edie and I picked blackberries and made pie:

Showing me her "best move":

Candle fish:

On our third day, Todd and Andrea showed up on his boat and took Edie and I to Rosario to pick up Jeff, who flew in on a seaplane direct from Seattle. Here is our view as we make way towards Rosario:
And here is the blackberry pie we ate with all 5 of us at the cabin that evening:
While the pie was good because all pie is in someway good, it was the closest I've had to a pie fail in all my years of baking pies. I followed a new recipe and Paula Dean really let me down. The crust got all drippy in the oven and there were a number of mid-baking repairs that needed to be done. Pie surgery is stressful stuff man. I'm sticking to my How to Cook Everything/Mark Bittman recipe from here on out. 


lindsey. said...

Oh Paula Deen. She just can't catch a break these days.

Pie looks lovely and I love the pic of you and Edie.

sandralbruton said...

Edie's "move" with the driftwood stick looks a lot like her Grandpa Toby in Pilates class.
All pics are terrific!