Monday, September 15, 2014

Moonpaper Tent

I might have made a WEE mistake deciding to have Edie's birthday party on the Sunday afternoon following Jeff's high school reunion. We were just a tad sleep deprived slash hung over that day… But her actual birthday fell on Labor Day weekend this year and after a cursory check with the parents of her school friends, I confirmed that most of them would be out of town and unable to attend a party that weekend. I had plans the weekend after, so I booked it for the weekend before her birthday. And since the rest of the weekend was scheduled for Bellingham and high school reunion antics, Sunday it was. We hacked it. Barely.

We got home with an hour for me to pick up the cake I'd ordered and hoof it to the venue we'd booked in our neighborhood. This place is a weird, but sort of great space for kids parties called Moonpaper Tent. In Jeff's own words, "Is this basically just a weird lady in a costume hanging around in a rented space?" Yes, Jeff. It kind of is. But the package included dress up, face painting and an hour of imagination around Edie's chosen topic (Unicorns and Mermaids) so she pretty much loved it and word on the street is one of the other kids at the party is now having HER party there, so I think it was a hit. All I had to do was show up with the cake, unicorn plates, and goodie bags (all thoughtfully selected before our trip to Orcas (thank god)). Some photos of the party:

Face painting and dress up to kick the party off.

Making magic wands to help with their imagination/play/story/make believe/whatever:

Edie's wand:

Edie asked for strawberry shortcake, and then I stuck these amazing Unicorn toothpicks from my neighbor into it to make it more "Edie":


Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Have you shown Edie my avatar on this site yet??

sandralbruton said...

I'm a small town lady but this party looks soooo cool. Mom did good!