Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Since we missed the one weekend in October that wasn't soggy, we made a haphazard visit to Carleton Farms during a semi-dry morning. We had planned to go with a big group, but plans got confused at the last minute because Edie had a cold, we didn't want to infect the other little ones coming, and the weather was looking like it could go either way with epic rain scheduled for "midday". We had a fun time, but were unimpressed with the farm that I remember enjoying 5 years ago with my girlfriends. Next year it might be worth braving the crowds to hit up The Farm at Swans Trial again.

After putting Edie on the "cow train" it dawned on me that I had no idea how far away it was going and that there were no seatbelts to guarantee that she didn't try to 'dismount' mid-ride. So I climbed in. And regretted it immediately. The ride was LONG and the cow we are riding in was SMALL. As in, I am 5'3" and barely fit my legs into the cow cross legged. Jeff thought it was really funny and took like 200 pictures. I am choosing to only feature this one.

 Then we enjoyed homemade pumpkin donuts. This photo of Edie all down-home AND fancy at the same time, while totally chowing down is a personal fave.
I was also forced to watch horses canter around a ramshackle barn but refused to photograph this. Horses make me nervous. And barns are stinky.
I belong in the city.


heidio said...

I like Edie in a wheelbarrow and Jill in a cow train.

sandralbruton said...

Okay, I HAD to make the cow train photo my new screensaver.

Tib said...

Edie B spends a lot of time in wheel barrow type contraptions.

Also - what is up with the horses head on the cow body?

lindsey. said...

This whole post made me laugh. First, my thanks to Jeff for capturing you in the towable cow. I think this farm is not far from my home? You might try Craven Farm next year. It's where we went this year and is a cute family farm in Snohomish. Plus, then you could hit up Snohomish Pie Co. downtown afterward.