Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Orcas - early October

We made a last minute trip to Orcas in early October. The weather report was suddenly glorious and it was indeed one last burst of Indian Summer. We spent the entire weekend remarking on our shock that it was October and we were in shirtsleeves. The rain and gloom arrived promptly the next week and with the exception of a few days last week, has mostly stuck around. Looking back at these photos, it's hard to believe it was just a month ago.

Look at it big and you might be able to see the 2 GIANT sea lions we visited.
They are on the far right side of the rocks. 

Painting rocks.

I learned my Mickey pancake skills from my Dad. He was the master at
making specialty pancakes when I was a kid.

I have no idea how this started, but Edie spent a great deal of time "pulling Gramma" around the cabin without realizing that Grandma was in fact pushing herself around with her feet while Edie dramatically pulled her using a dish towel.

Until next summer!


Kathleen said...

Pulling grandma- ahahahahaha! I LOVE it!!

Kate said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! and great photos :)

lindsey. said...

I love your Orcas posts. It is so great that you have such a wonderful family place to go to. Makes me miss Coupe a lot. And props to Grandma for allowing herself to be "pulled" around the floor!