Thursday, November 15, 2012


We had our neighbors over for dinner on Halloween and then took Penny and Edie out trick or treating in the neighborhood. The rain kept some at home, so it wasn't quite as bustling as last year, but we still ran into lots of neighbors and groups of little ones in the hood. Halloween is one of the most nostalgic holidays for me as a parent. Ironic considering I think I spent a lot of halloweens as a child complaining about my costume or being cold. Like when my Mom made me a cherry costume and my brother a pumpkin costume and then every house we went to exclaimed, "Oh! 2 little pumpkins! How cute!" and I was OUTRAGED at having been mistaken for a pumpkin when I was so clearly a CHERRY. Sheesh. I'm mostly confused when I remember the time I decided to be an old lady when I was only like 9, but I remain fully committed to my multiple years as a gypsy. Boy did I love wearing all those scarves and big earrings. 

Anyways, watching Edie and Penny love trick or treating together so much was super fun. Most of these photos could be featured in a gallery called "photographing moving item", so apologies for the blurry ones - they really illustrate how excited the girls were - they literally couldn't hold still.

I made pizza dough into mini pumpkins for the girls to make their own.


 With Penny's much overlooked (by this blog - not her parents!) baby sister Daphne:


Kristin said...

Awesome costumes...Edie looks so grown up!

sandralbruton said...

The olives threw me?! Could not figure out what I was seeing on those pizzas.
So glad to see nature allows chickens and bees to be friends and not food for the other!