Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day After

Purely hypothetical:

Let's say you're having a low key morning with your daughter after Halloween.  After watching the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkins special on DVD your daughter asks for a "new" Charlie Brown video and when you tell her that there ARE no more Charlie Brown videos she completely loses her shit in less than 1 second (faster than you can even suggest an alternative) and starts screaming. She then walks over to her breakfast plate with little chopped up pieces of scrambled egg and THROWS it onto the carpet.  Then mid-scream, she changes tactics and decides that what she REALLY wants is a sucker from her Halloween bucket that you hid last night exactly to avoid this scenario from cropping up.

Then let's pretend that she proceeds to scream through a 2 minute time-out (for throwing her breakfast all over the house) and when her time-out is up and you're ready to hug it out, she screams into your face that she's "not ready to calm down" and then proceeds to scream and randomly demand things you can't provide (while still screaming) for over 30 minutes without stopping.

I should also add to this scenario that you are late for daycare, you and your husband both have a busy day of work ahead of you and your child is still in their pajamas.

What do you do?  Ready.... go!


Tib said...

shots all around. kids tolerate sweet liquor best. ;)

Kristin said...

Sit her down to watch Halloween with Michael Myers and THEN see how many more Halloween videos she asks for.

heidio said...

What about the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown? Or the Christmas one?
I know thats not REALLY the problem, but the solution seems hard.

Kathleen said...

Eat all her Halloween candy to handle the stress, and then when she asks, tell her it was Charlie Brown.

sandralbruton said...

Good one Kathleen!

Amanda Buchan said...

oh man...I'll get back to you in a few years