Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First things first

I'd like to post Halloween pictures of Edie BUT more important things need to be announced first.  Jeff and I are officially Aunt and Uncle for the first time! Jeff's sister had her baby 6 days early on October 21st in the wee hours and we rushed up north to meet her for the first time that afternoon.  I'm so sorry for not announcing this sooner! But I left on the 22nd for a business trip to Palm Springs and then I've mostly spent the last week fretting uneccessarily over Edie's dying front tooth. Edie took a spill at daycare earlier this month and belatedly her tooth appears to be dying and turning grey. I'm sure it was unavoidable and it's very common amongst kids this age and of course it's just her baby tooth, but it's possible/likely that she'll not lose this tooth naturally until she's 6 or 7.  BOO.

But back to business.  Our niece, Luna Ines Sampedro was born in the water on Sunday the 21st of October after a short and intense labor and here she is being ridiculously cute in a dino suit:



cranky rae said...

SO cute! Congrats to Kathleen and Javi!

Tib said...

rawr - the cuteness is too much.

sandralbruton said...

She is that cute...I got to hold her!