Friday, October 5, 2012

Amy and Dave: rehearsal dinner

I did a terrible job of taking photos during Amy's wedding weekend.  I think I was too busy living in the moment and enjoying the process to think about photographing every second. For this reason, I've supplemented my photos from Holly's collection (one of the other bridesmaids).  Many of you reading already know about the wedding venue, but for those that don't - Amy and Dave got married at a place called Treehouse Point.  It's in the woods, near a river and those of us in the wedding got to stay on-site in TREEHOUSES! And before you think I mean this kind of treehouse:

Please note that I mean THIS KIND OF TREEHOUSE:

As in, the awesome variety. (note this is an actual treehouse from the venue).

But let's back up and start with Friday, the day before the wedding when we packed up and brought all the wedding supplies out to the wedding venue for some early set up. 


The dinner tent, without any set-up:
Amy and I made up one of the beds in the more rustic treehouse that had an air mattress on a platform. She packed up bedding so we could climb up the ladder with it easily:
Climbing up:
The view from inside:
and back down:

Later that afternoon, we headed back into the city and met up with all the girls for manis and pedis:

With our bucky's on!
Later that night we went with Kristin to the rehearsal dinner.
Edie insisted on wearing her monkey backpack:

The happy couple:

Jeff and Paul enjoying their sliders and mac salad (provided by Mobile Marination - I think?):

Amy with her Dad:
The groom gave out custom belt buckles with bottle openers built in:

The ladies received porcelain mason jar votives:
Listening to toasts:

Edie quickly made pals with the only other girl her age: Vivian - and they focused most of their attention on this nearby fountain:

The only thing that persuaded them to leave the fountain was the promise of cake:

The next morning, Kristin and I started the day with a little refreshment shopping at Whole Foods (to help keep the ladies fed while getting ready for the big day):
We picked Amy up (and her dress) to drive out to the venue:
And that's where I'll leave you until tomorrow! Check back for pictures from the day.

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