Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Santa

The other day, Edie and I were shopping in an expensive kids store with a friend.  Edie developed a strong need for a certain unicorn puzzle and was only persuaded to let it go when I told her that maybe we should start our letter to Santa early this year so she could tell him she wanted that puzzle. I think this confused her just enough to forget she "needed" that puzzle and we left the store without a scene (and without the puzzle).

Tonight, Edie asked if we could write our letter to Santa. I transcribed:

Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year, I've been a good girl.  Santa I want that puzzle with that unicorn and that princess and that fairy (please*). I want a present for Christmas - like another bunny rabbit (a mom one). I think I want 5 bunnies.  I just want bunnies.  



*I gave her a luck that prompted the addition of "please" to the letter.

We had no idea that the tiny bunny stuffed animal our friend Todd brought her back last week from Russia would be so popular! He went to Russia for some work he's doing for the 2014 Winter Olympics, to be held in Sochi.  The olympics mascot is a bunny and Todd brought Edie home a tiny Sochi bunny that has become a big hit.

Also, Edie can write her own name! She just finally mastered the capital "D" and is now able to write the whole thing unassisted.  Granted, letters tend to be written more in the correct order and not scattered on the page if we supervise and suggest locations for each letter, but still!  I have no idea if this is advanced or if all recently turned 3-year-olds can write their names.  And I suppose it probably has everything to do with how long a kid's name is... but I feel so impressed with her writing skills! She signed her own name at the bottom of her Santa letter and it's so adorable.

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sandralbruton said...

I've seen both her new bunny and her new signature...the signature has way more adorable on it!