Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2011 part the second

The Wednesday we left town for the ferry dock, Edie made a turkey using clay and colored tongue depressers at daycare. She clutched that thing the entire way and since the clay hadn't dried all the way, it's head took on an (even more) deformed look. I had to super glue the googley eyes and "feathers" back on before storing it away when we got home.I remember thinking that if you didn't know it was November, you'd see this sunset from the ferry and think it was June.
Cabin fort.
Don't let this photo fool you, she was NOT a fan of the big waves crashing on the beach.

Great Aunt Wendy reading some of Jeff's old Richard Scary books to Edie.
Feeding the deer.
Thanksgiving dinner is at Jeff's Grandpa's old house (which is now his uncle's house). Here is Edie at the dinner table with her "cousin" (Jeff's cousin's daughter) Sophie. Sophie and Edie always have a good time together.

Sophie's Dad (Jeff's cousin) reading bedtime stories to the girls. I have no explanation for Brian's hair in this photo.

Playing in the sunshine the next morning.

Uncle Javi brought a craft project that involved decorating a tiny piggy bank with stickers and glitter paint.

Then Javi baked bread - including a mini loaf with cinnamon and sugar on it for Edie Bee.

Kathleen drew these awesome animals onto beach rocks using a Sharpie. Cool, right?
Turkey for Thanksgiving!
We also celebrated Aunt Kathleen's birthday that weekend and Edie - as always - managed to insert herself into the present opening process.
And the cake process.
And there you have it - Thanksgiving 2011. Only 3 months late.


sandralbruton said...

Kathleen's painted rocks are so cool!

Kathleen said...

And maybe if I get my act together you will finally get Christmas photos - only 3 months late!