Sunday, February 19, 2012

Harvest Dinner

We FINALLY took the photos off our camera and loaded them onto our computer today. And it's ridiculous that I'm posting photos of our annual "harvest dinner" when just last night we attended Heidi and Paul's wedding - an event that as a group we've looked forward to for almost a year. I should really be putting up pictures from the more relevant/recent/exciting event, but we are dummies and didn't bring our camera last night and will have to rely on others' photos that I can repost here. That is until the professional photos come back and then I can hopefully share some of those here too.

So for now, I'm going back to the first photos in the "new" batch, which dates all the way back to November (cringe). Please prepare yourself for a blast from the past as I update the blog with pictures from November, December and January....

First up: a few shots from our annual harvest potluck in which everyone brings a course to share that is "harvest/fall" themed. This was our first year with a legit "kids table" and while the carpet underneath it may never recover, it was CUTE.

I took this candid shot of "the boys" talking (and yes, I know that 36 year-olds hardly count as boys, but the name stuck years ago and we can't change it now). This one picture turned into a series of shots and I like them too much to not share all.

Roast chickens and couscous from Darrah and Matt + butternut and gruyere gallettes from Amy and Dave.

A nice shot of Amy and Dave.
The end. And now maybe I'll try to post about Thanksgiving.

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sandralbruton said...

What very handsome BOYS in your group.