Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Lately, bedtime is becoming a bit of an ordeal around here. Like I'm pretty sure that the video parody "Go the F*ck to Sleep" was written about my house. Tonight, instead of feeling like bashing my head against the wall over it, Jeff and I are snickering.

After tucking her in twice, she climbed out of bed a third time, ran to the gate in her bedroom doorway and playfully called for me a few times. I stayed downstairs and ignored her at first. Then, in a phony desperate tone, she yells, "Mom! Get Minnie!" And we surmise that she has chucked her Minnie Mouse doll (her sleeping lovie) into the hall and is using her as bait for me to come up. Oh, very clever little one, very clever. But three can play that game. And two of us are bigger and smarter. Bwahahahaha!!

I decided to see her manipulative move and raise her one. I sent Jeff up instead of going myself; both of us knowing full well it would royally piss her off. Because after dark, Mom is the ONLY acceptable answer to any problem Edie has. When she heard his footsteps on the stairs instead of mine, she screamed "NOOO!" bloody murder and did a little rage-dance in her doorway. This is what I heard from downstairs:

Edie: NO! I wanted M0-om!
Jeff: Well, she's not coming, it's ME. (he hands Minnie back to Edie)
Edie: NO! (she throws Minnie back into the hallway)
Jeff: Alright, well, here's Minnie. (he throws her deeper into the back of her room and walks back downstairs)
Edie: (screams the house down in fury)

Jeff came downstairs and we had an evil little laugh over the whole thing.
Fighting fire with fire.


lindsey said...

I can completely envision to two of you with your conspiring and evil laughter. And I fully support it.

Tib said...

Eerily creepy how we are living the same parenting moments... except mine is so many years older than yours.

Betsey said...

Emmi is pulling some ridiculous shit at bedtime these days as well. I love this story and your attitude about it! Good stuff!