Saturday, February 25, 2012

Taking a breath

I'm always encouraging Edie to "take a breath" when she gets frustrated, hoping it might help distract/center/calm her. Just now, she was eating hummus and pita chips and asked me, "Mom, do you LIKE this?" and shows me her hand, which is COVERED in hummus. Like she dipped it in the bowl of hummus and then squeezed a quarter cup of the hummus in her fist. I looked horrified I think and said, "Um, no I don't like that." and she said to me, "Mom - take a breath."


Betsey said...

Hilarious! I love and despise the smarty pants comments coming from Emmi theses days. This one from Edie takes the cake!

Tib said...

if I had been drinking milk while reading that it would have come out my nose. Funny stuff.