Saturday, September 24, 2011


Earlier this month Edie met her internet-friend Marina in person for the first time. Marina and Edie are just a few weeks apart in age and her mom Lindsey and I went to school together growing up. Lindsey blogs about her day to day much like I do and over the past 3 year we've become nerdy, mom-blogger friends. Edie and Marina ate snacks, played in the dirt and then Edie put on her pig nose and mermaid skirt. Lindsey and I got to talking and at one point both looked over to find Edie sitting in her tiny baby stroller. Marina promptly walked over to it like they had a prearranged walking date, backed the stroller up to make her way through all the dress-up debris and then proceeded to push Edie around the living and dining room in a VERY business-like manner. But the funniest was when Marina pulled the stroller over, very specifically found Edie's purple purse and handed it to her to carry while sitting in the stroller. Even better was Edie's reaction, which was like, "Oh yes, I *must* have my purse, what was I thinking leaving it there?!" Marina helped her thread the purse on her arm and when they both seemed satisfied, Marina returned to pushing Edie around the house. Kids are funny.

I wish I'd taken more and better pictures, but two toddlers on a first date have way more important things to do than pose for photos.

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lindsey said...

Thanks again for a truly fun afternoon! Can't wait to do it again. :)