Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I typically make Edie popsicles using juice and Ikea popsicle molds, but I recently bought these fantastic slow-melt pops that are miniature - like 3 inches long and half an inch around (the first picture features a full-sized pop). If Edie eats a decent dinner and we desire to keep her at the table with us for longer than 1 second following her last bite, I offer her one of these bad boys and she'll nurse that thing for a glorious 5 minutes while we enjoy family dinner time.


Laura said...

mmmmmmmmm those look yummy !
good idea.

lindsey said...

First, thanks for the tip. I have been wanting such molds for some time and didn't know IKEA had them. Second, Edie Bee is so darn cute with her little popsicle and that sweet dress/top.