Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Dear Jeffrey (aka Dad),

This year hasn't been our easiest - it seems that there's never enough time, money or sleep. But we've done our best and I don't say it often enough that your best is better than enough.

Thank you for your strong shoulders.

Thank you for making your sweater eat our daughter so that I could hear this noise:

Thank you for your stellar rock skipping skills.

And passing them on to our offspring:And thank you for working long and hard hours to make it possible for me to work long and hard hours, but with our daughter as my boss instead of The Man.

Jill (aka Mom)


Mary Anne said...

Love this. Especially the nom nom nom Daddy part...

lindsey said...


sandralbruton said...

Very nice. Happy Father's Day Jeff. With Love, your mom-in-law