Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chair Nap

Did I tell you about this funny nap Edie took last week? She took a shower with me that morning and brought her princess magic wands in the water with her. When we got out and dried off, I wrapped her in this towel and for whatever reason she laid her head down on my shoulder and started to doze. I didn't think it would last long because we'd only been awake for an hour or two, so I jokingly wrapped her up all tight in the towel and put her in the rocking chair. Except she called my bluff and slept exactly like this for over an hour! Also? Underneath her towel she is completely naked (no diaper) and clutching all three of her princess wands tightly to her chest. They left indentations on her belly.


Laura said...

It must be exhausting to be such a little princess !!

lindsey said...

I clicked on this one to enlarge it so I can see the cuteness really well. She just melts my heart. Edie is such a sweetheart and I love this story. Also, I really love you as a mom. You're doing so great and it is so obvious that you love it. :)

Betsey said...

oooh...an unexpected nap. And a cute one to boot!