Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here it is

In the last 24 hours Edie has become obsessed with dressing herself and when I try to help she says, "All by self!" and stomps away from me in a huff.

So we have arrived at THIS stage. I'd been hoping to avoid it for a bit longer. I mean, if she was actually doing it by herself, that would be one thing. I'd love to not have to dress her every day. But today I found her with her legs in the sleeves of a short sleeved tee shirt and the trunk of the shirt dangling between her legs like the Hammer Pants my brother used to sport. She was SO MAD when I took them off and showed her that it was a shirt.

And so the daily getting-dressed-battles begin.


Kristin said...

When I was five my mom really wanted me to wear a dress to my first day of kindergarten. She finally gave up when I said, "I don't pick out YOUR clothes." Sounds like you can look forward to Edie saying in that in about another six months.

Meredith said...

"My do it myself!" was a catchphrase of mine briefly when I was a wee tot.

Then there were the two years in preschool where I refused to wear anything but a dress, despite being an incredibly active little kid with a lot of skinned knees.

Anyway, good luck!

sandralbruton said...

What? She's only 21 months old! How can this be?!

lindsey said...